5 Reasons to Vacation in Costa Rica Post-Covid

Vacationing in Costa Rica Post-Covid is Safe, Ethical, and Simply Breathtaking

Most people’s dream vacation involves any of the beautiful landscapes in Costa Rica. From lush forests to paradisiac beaches and majestic volcanoes, the country’s consolidated popularity as a prime destination for tourism has only grown larger with the years. However, the pandemic and global lockdowns heaved a catastrophic pause in the nation’s tourism sector. Many wonder what it’s like to vacation to Costa Rica after the pandemic, so we decided to give you 5 reasons to vacation in Costa Rica post-Covid.

1. Times Magazine Named Costa Rica One of The World’s Greatest Places.

The number published on July 20th, 2020 was a tribute to all the regions in the world who saw in the pandemic and the extraordinary conditions it brought along the opportunity to raise and innovate. Times Magazine praised Costa Rica’s commitment to preservation, highlighting the reforestations efforts, the commitment to decarbonization, and its focus on ecotourism as the main reasons leading to the ranking. 

2. Condé Nast Traveler Dubbed Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, One of The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Situated on the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio is a wildlife sanctuary whose beauty garners more than 600,000 visitors per year. Costa Rica’s most visited national park encompasses trails deep in the rainforest, ivory-sand turquoise-hued beaches, and the most eclectic views of the sea meeting the jungle.  Endearing sightings of  species, waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling, and the most amazing sunsets await in this destination. And of course, it does not hurt to have some of the most sophisticated amenities in any beach town in the country, including the state-of-the-art Marina Pez Vela.

3. World Travel and Tourism Council granted Costa Rica the Safe Travels Seal

The WTTC announced that Costa Rica’s protocols comply with the necessary measures to travel safely.  Foreign and local tourists can enter the country and enjoy what it has to offer while following the requirements to ensure proper sanitary measurements like the use of masks, hand washing, physical distance, and social bubbles among others. The recognition  is the result of efforts made by public and private officials to recover the travelers’ confidence, which also aimed to optimize the tourism sector.

4. Costa Rica was recognized as one of the World’s Ethical Destinations

Countries from all over the world were considered in the World’s 10 Best Ethical Destinations in 2021. Ethical Travelers recognized Costa Rica’s efforts in environmental preservation and social welfare not only at the present time but its improvement in the last year, and encouraged the country to continue enforcing policies geared towards a sustainable world. 

The country is not new to the recognition and has garnered different mentions since 2017. This year; however, it was its pioneering response to the pandemic, the reforestation efforts, and the continuous improvement in human development that prompted the organization to give the recognition.

5. Costa Rica dropped Health Insurance Policy for Vaccinated Tourists who enter the country

Costa Rica has managed to maintain one of the lowest fatality rates in Latin America during the pandemic thanks to its exemplary measures. In November 2020, the country opened its aerial borders and has requested tourists to provide proof of travelers’ health insurance. Nonetheless, the efficiency of the vaccination campaigns have given the tourism sector the ability to drop this requirement for those who have completed their vaccination course against the virus.

Come meet one of the world’s greatest places! Adventure seekers, ethical travelers, nature lovers, and honeymooners will find Costa Rica the ideal destination to practice ethical tourism while staying protected from COVID-19. And of course, if you want to stay at one of the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches, just book one of our luxury villas.